$100,000 bond for man accused of holding woman captive at knife point

Alejandro Rodriguez-RCJ

Alejandro Rodriguez-RCJ

Alejandro G. Rodriguez, 58 of Racine is being held on $100,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance in court today on charges of: two counts of Battery, two counts Disorderly Conduct, two counts of False Imprisonment, Burglary-Commit a Battery on Person, Intimidate Victim/Threaten Force, etc., and stalking. He is also on a hold from Department of Correction.

According to the criminal complaint on October 7th Racine Police responded to a residence after a principal of a local school contacted authorities after a note was given to them stating “can you please call the police my name is (VICTIMS NAME), I live at (ADDRESS) and Rodriguez is in my house with a knife and is threatening to kill me, please help.

When officers arrived at the residence the victim ran from the house and the suspect was found inside and taken into custody. According to the complaint, when she arrived home the evening before the defendant who is ordered as part of his probation not to have contact with them, arrived at her residence and gained access to the home.

Allegedly he stated to the victim he wasn’t going back to prison and would kill her after the children left to go to school, and should have killed her the last time, the complaint states. Throughout the evening the defendant made the victim stay near him, waved a knife in her face and also punched the victim in the stomach.

According to the complaint the morning of the 7th, while the victim was getting the child ready for school, the defendant was following her around, but she was able to slip a note asking for help. The defendant drove with the victim to drop of the child, grabbed her arm and prevented her from leaving the vehicle. Shortly after Racine Police arrived.

According to the criminal complaint a previous assault also took place on September 27,2015