$15,000 bond for Kenosha man accused of battery and stalking to victim and fighting with police

Joshua Ammon-RCJ

Joshua Ammon-RCJ

Joshua J Ammon of Kenosha has been charged with Stalking, Harassment-Fear of Death/Injunction, Disorderly Conduct,Resist Officer – Substantial Bodily Harm/Soft Tissue Injury, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, Intimidate Witness/Use or Attempt Force and is being held on $15,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance. According to Racine Count Jail records he’s also on a hold from Kenosha Cty Jnt Services on charges of false imprisonment and strangulation and a hold from Department of Correction.

According to the criminal complaint on August 14, 2015 Racine Police responded to a Racine area business for unwanted harassing phone calls. Police spoke to the branch manager who stated that prior to the officer’s arrival which was 9 a.m. the defendant had called 27 times. While officers were present the defendant called an additional 5-10 times. Racine Police spoke with the victim who stated that she is fearful for her safety. She had to file a battery report with Kenosha Police on July 10,2015 and another incident took place on August 14,2015 at her residence in Kenosha and law enforcement had not been able to locate the defendant. The victim showed Racine Police text messages that the defendant allegedly sent some of which included she would lose her job, “see if your vehicle makes it home today”, “Is this smoke from your house? You don’t know do you? I ain’t playing” (attached a photo of dark smoke in the text, and another text saying “I’m telling you, you won’t be safe anywhere anymore, I don’t care if you show the cops either, they can’t be with you 24/7.”

The complaint states that while the officer was finishing his report he was summoned back to the Racine area business, for more harassing phone calls. While the officer was present the defendant called back an additional 8 times. The officer spoke with the defendant and told him to immediately stop calling the business.

According to the complaint on August 22, 2105, Racine Police received a report that the defendant was going to be at a store on Washington Ave. Officers were advised from Kenosha Police that the defendant had 2 felony warrants for his arrest, that he had run from law enforcement and fought with law enforcement and was believed to be armed.

When the vehicle was stopped by Racine Police, the defendant ran from officers, an officer caught up with him and the defendant began resisting the officer and was tased which according to the report had no effect on the defendant. Additional officers arrived on scene including a RAPD k9 unit. The defendant continued resisting police until he was bit in the leg by the K9 unit. One officer suffered injuries to his knee, hand and head during his attempt to subdue the defendant.