17 arrested during “Operation Smackdown” in Kenosha County

kenosha drug unitOn May 18th and May 19th, 2016, members of the Kenosha Drug Operations Group (KDOG) executed six search warrants and fifteen arrest warrants in Kenosha County, WI. This was conducted with the assistance from Kenosha Sheriffs Department Tactical Response Team, Kenosha Police Department, Racine County Sheriffs SWAT, Racine County Metro Drug Unit, DEA-MKE Group61, Kenosha County DAs Office, and Kenosha City/County Joint Services.

This event, named Operation Smackdown, occurred over a two-day period. Seventeen out of twenty-five defendants sought were located and taken into custody during KDOGs two-day roundup. All seventeen defendants are currently being held in the Kenosha County Jail.
KDOG seized the following drugs:
Cocaine 262.43 grams
Heroin 10 grams
Marijuana 1,225.82 grams
THC Wax 77.4 grams
Mushrooms 4.1 grams
KDOG seized seven firearms (1 stolen)

Operation “Smack down” began on Monday, March 21, 2016, and concluded on Friday May 20, 2016. This was all part of a coordinated takedown and/or roundup and occurred during the week of May 16th to May 20th, 2016.

The operation consisted of multiple law enforcement agencies including drug units, Sheriff’s departments, and Police departments in Southeastern Wisconsin, working together to significantly disrupt heroin and opiate sales. In addition, violent drug traffickers and gang members were targeted.

The goal of the operation was to coordinate numerous arrests over multiple geographical areas to impede the sale of heroin and opiates, reduce heroin overdose deaths, and reduce the violence associated with drug trafficking. Each arrest will not only affect the dealer, but will send waves to dealer’s customers and the dealer’s suppliers. The arrests were made, in a coordinated effort in numerous locations, to create a significant blow to the heroin and opiate trade in the region.

The agencies involved with operation Smack down put in countless hours, worked together, and coordinated their efforts to make Smack down a success. There were over 250 felony charges issued, mainly consisting of delivery of controlled substances, possession with intent to deliver controlled substances, and felon in possession of firearm.
The following agencies participated in operation “Smack down”:
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Kenosha County Sheriff/
Kenosha Drug Operations Group Racine County Metro Drug Unit Walworth County Sheriff Waukesha County MEG Washington County Sheriff Ozaukee County Sheriff/
Ozaukee County Anti-Drug Task Force Kenosha PD West Allis PD Oak Creek PD Waukesha PD Greenfield PD Wauwatosa PD
Milwaukee PD
Racine PD
The district attorneys office from the following areas also participated:
Kenosha County
Racine County
Walworth County
Waukesha County
Washington County
Ozaukee County
Milwaukee County

In furtherance of this case, numerous Law Enforcement operations were conducted in multiple locations in Wisconsin to include:
City of Milwaukee
City of Kenosha
City of West Allis
City of Sheboygan
City of Waukesha
City of Greenfield
City of Racine
City of West Bend
City of Brookfield
City of Mequon
City of Whitewater
City of Lake Geneva
City of Elkhorn
City of New Berlin
Village of Menomonee Falls
Village of Sussex
Village of Sturtevant
Village of Grafton
Village of Paddock Lake
Village of Pleasant Prairie
Village of Kendall
Village of Fontana
Village of Germantown
Town of Salem