1819 – Jeannette Garr Washburn Born

On this date Jeannette Garr Washburn was born in New York City. The daughter of Andrew Sheffield Garr and Elizabeth Morrel Sinclair, her father emigrated to the U.S. from Scotland, and became a shipbuilder and successful attorney. It is unclear when or how Jeannette Garr arrived in Wisconsin but she married on January 1, 1849 in Mineral Point. Washburn from 1872 to 1874. Tragically, Jeannette Garr Washburn never enjoyed the role of first lady of Wisconsin. She developed puerperal fever after the birth of their second daughter in 1852, and became an invalid, spending the next 57 years in a mental institution. Her daughters were raised by Governor Washburn’s parents in Maine. She outlived her husband by 27 years. Jeannette Garr Washburn died of diabetes mellitus on March 12, 1909 in Brookline, Massachusetts. She is buried there in Walnut Hills Cemetery. [Source: , by Nancy G. Williams, pg. 70]