1820 – James Densmore Born

On this date James Densmore was born in Moscow, New York. Densmore was a lawyer, newspaperman, and typewriter promoter. He moved to Wisconsin in 1848 and founded the (1849-1853). In 1854 he met Christopher Sholes, inventor of the typewriter. He collaborated with Sholes to issue the . From 1855-1857 he edited the . He returned to Pennsylvania in the 1860s, to engage in the oil business. While in Pennsylvania, he patented the first tank car for shipping petroleum. He returned to Wisconsin in 1867 and purchased a quarter interest in Sholes’ typewriter invention. He also assumed leadership of the business and coined the term "typewriter." In 1873 he negotiated a contract with E. Remington and Sons to manufacture typewriters. He lost control of the business to the Remingtons and attempted to develop a competing product. He eventually sold patent rights for these to the Remingtons. [Source: , SHSW 1960, pg. 99]