1826 – First Lady Frances Bashford

On this date Frances Adams Forman was born in Seneca, New York. The daughter of Daniel A. Forman and Elizabeth W. Bliss, Frances Forman married on October 12, 1847, in New York. The Bashfords relocated to Oshkosh with their children in 1850, where Coles Bashford worked as a lawyer for a land and lumber company. He became the state’s first Republican governor in 1856. Frances Bashford gave birth to seven children, six of whom lived to adulthood. At the close of Bashford’s term, the family relocated back to Oshkosh and remained there until 1863. The family moved to Tuscon, Arizona Territory, in that year, where Bashford practiced law and served in government. After his death, Frances moved to California to live with her daughter. Frances Adams Forman Bashford died on December 1, 1911, in Oakland, California, where she is buried. [Source: by Nancy G. Williams, pg. 43]