1827 – Catherine Amy Dunn Dewey Born

On this date Catherine Amy Dunn Dewey was born in Golconda, Illinois. Catherine Dunn married on December 18, 1850 in Belmont, Wisconsin, after he had been elected to his second term as governor. She gave birth to three children in Wisconsin, two of whom lived to adulthood. When her palatial home, Stonefield, in Cassville burned to the ground, Catherine Dewey took her children to Europe. She never returned to Cassville or her husband, settling instead at 110 State Street. In 1886, Nelson Dewey began divorce proceedings against his wife on grounds of desertion but later dropped the suit. He died in 1889, the impoverished tenant of one room at the Denniston Hotel in Cassville. Catherine Amy Dunn Dewey died on March 16, 1898 in Washington, D.C., where she was living with her daughter’s family. She is buried there. [Source: by Nancy G. Williams]