1827 – Edward Stuyvesant Bragg Born

On this date was born in Unadilla, New York. Bragg was a soldier, politician, and diplomat. He moved to Fond du Lac in 1850 where he practiced law and held several political offices. He recruited a company of infantry and was commissioned captain of the 6th Wisconsin Volunteers in 1860. By 1863 he was made a full colonel and was appointed commander of the “” in June 1864. In that month, he led assaults on Petersburg and his troops captured a Confederate post while under enemy fire. After the war, he returned to Fond du Lac and continued to practice law. He was elected to Congress and served from 1877-1883, and again from 1885-1887. He served as minister to Mexico from 1888-1889, Cuba in 1902, and consul to Hong Kong from 1903-1906. Bragg died on June 20, 1912. [Source: , SHSW 1960, pg. 46]