1837 – Daniel Hadley Sumner Born

On this date David Hadley Sumner was born in Malone, N.Y. He moved to Michigan in 1843 with his parents, where he attended the common schools and Prairie Seminar in Richland, Michigan. After practicing law in Michigan, Sumner moved to Oconomowoc in 1868, where he continued to practice law as well as publish the . Sumner moved to Waukesha in 1870 where he practiced law and served as town superintendent of schools, a member of the county board of supervisors, and district attorney of Waukesha County in 1876 and 1877. Sumner was elected as a Democrat to the Forty-eighth Congress (March 4, 1883-March 3, 1885). Sumner died in Waukesha on May 29, 1903 and is buried in Prairie Home Cemetery. [Source: ]