1842 – Waukesha Civil War Hero Born

On this date William B. Cushing was born in Delafield. In October, 1864 Cushing led a small group of soldiers in the . The crew¬†exploded a torpedo beneath the ship and then attempted to escape. The imposed a blockade near Plymouth, North Carolina and sunk or removed many Union vessels while on the watch. Cushing’s plan was a success, although his ship sank and most of the crew either surrendered or drowned. Cushing and one other man swam to shore and hid in the swamps to evade Confederate capture. Cushing received a "vote of thanks" from the U.S. Congress and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He died in 1874 of ill health and is buried in the Naval Cemetery at Annapolis, Maryland. [Source: by Fred L. Holmes, p.274-285]