1847 – Nationally Loved Artist Vinnie Ream Hoxie Born

On this date was born in Madison. She was the first woman sculptor to receive a commission from the federal government. Ream was 18 years old when her supporters convinced President Lincoln to sit while she sculpted his bust. She later received a commission to sculpt a life size statue of Lincoln, beating out several distinguished male sculptors for this honor. The life-sized Carrara marble stands in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Her statue, . She was also commissioned to model busts of important people such as Senator John Sherman, General Custer, Horace Greeley, Admiral Farragut, and others. During her lifetime she sculpted more than 100 pieces, many of which stand in capitol buildings across the country. She was one of the first white children born in Wisconsin and had an obvious admiration for Native Americans. She was also a writer and fighter for women’s rights and other political issues. Being active internationally in the arts and politics brought much attention to her, and speculation was rampant about the nature of her friendship with her most powerful advocate, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. After working in Rome for 20 months, she married Lieutenant Richard Leveridge Hoxie at the age of 30, and they had one son. She is now buried in the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. [Source: ]