1849 – Patrick Cudahy Born

On this date Patrick Cudahy was born. A philanthropist and meat packer, Cudahy was born in Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland, and arrived in Milwaukee with his family in 1849. He began working in the meat packing industry at the age of 14. He became superintendent of the Plankinton and Armour plant in Milwaukee in 1874. Cudahy became partners with Plankinton in 1884 and formed John Plankinton and Company. Upon Plankinton’s death in 1888, Patrick Cudahy and his brother John purchased the company which became the Cudahy Brothers. He founded and promoted Cudahy, Wisconsin, as an industrial city. Patrick Cudahy served as company president from 1893 to 1915. He was a director of the First Wisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee. His extensive real estate holdings in Milwaukee were incorporated as the Patrick Cudahy Family Company. He was active in and contributed to the Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Friends of Irish Freedom. [Source: , SHSW 1960, pg. 91]