1857 – Charles Richard Van Hise Born

On this date Charles Van Hise was born on a farm in Fulton, Wisconsin. His family moved to the village of Milton. He attended high school and the seminary at Evansville and entered the UW in 1874, graduating in 1879. Van Hise graduated from the Metallurgical Engineering Course with a B.S. in 1880, M.S. in 1882, and finally Ph.D. in 1892. He joined the faculty of UW immediately and became president of the UW in 1903. During his tenure, he worked to expand the university’s research and extension programs and increase enrollment. As a geologist, Van Hise conducted basic geological studies of the Precambrian (570,000,000 to 4,600,000,000 years ago) formations of the Lake Superior region, particularly the iron ores in these formations. Van Hise is credited with publishing the in the United States. Van Hise died on November 19, 1918 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. [Source: ]