1861 – Second Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment Organized

On this date the was organized in Madison, Wisconsin as a three year regiment. Soldiers were issued Harper’s Ferry muskets with 40 rounds of Buck & Ball ammunition each. It was the first three year regiment to arrive in Washington, charged with the task of defending the National Capitol after Lincoln issued his call for troops. 1000 members of the 2nd Wisconsin arrived in Washington D.C. on June 25 and marched through the streets. Three years later few were left. Their first engagement was Blackburn’s Ford and First Battle of Bull Run under W.T. Sherman. In May 1862 joined the 6th Infantry, and 7th Infantry; Indiana’s 19th Infantry; Michigan’s 24th Infantry; and Battery B of the 4th U.S. Light to form the famous . This group fought in the battles at Bull Run, Gainesville, Antietam, and . [Source: ]