1868 – Kate Hamilton Pier Born

On this date Kate Hamilton Pier was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. On June 22, 1887, Kate along with her mother (also named Kate Hamilton Pier) graduated from the U.W. Law School. Both women completed the two-year program in one year. After graduating, she began her practice with her mother and father at the Pier Law Office in Fond du Lac. The Pier family practiced law in Fond du Lac until 1888, when they moved to Milwaukee. Shortly after the move, Kate joined the law department of the Wisconsin Central Railroad, where she stayed for one year before going into general practice with her family. By 1891, when the two youngest Pier daughters, Caroline and Harriet, graduated from law school, every member of the family was a lawyer. Notably, the Pier women comprised one-quarter of the women to graduate from the law school between 1875 and 1919. In September of 1889, two years after graduating from law school, Kate Hamilton Pier won her first victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court, becoming the first woman to argue (and win) in front of that body. In 1894 she became the first woman to argue before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. In addition, she was admitted to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court. Kate Hamilton Pier McIntosh died on April 1, 1931 in Fond du Lac. [Source: ]