1869 – Charlotte H. Schroeder Kohler Born

On this date Charlotte H. Schroeder Kohler, wife of , was born in Kenosha. In 1897 she moved to Sheboygan, where she worked as art supervisor for the public schools. While living in Sheboygan, she met Walter Jodok Kohler, whom she married on November 3, 1900. She served as first lady of Wisconsin from 1929 to 1931. While living in Sheboygan, Charlotte Kohler was one of the first female members of the board of education and served as president of the Sheboygan Woman’s Club. She maintained an avid interest in art throughout her life. Charlotte H. Schroeder Kohler died of Alzheimer’s disease on February 2, 1947, in Kohler. She is buried with her husband in Kohler village cemetery. [Source: by Nancy G. Williams, p. 151]