1884 – Charles Winninger Born

On this date actor was born in Athens, Wisconsin. After leaving school at age 9 to join his family’s vaudeville act, Winninger went on to join stock and touring theatrical companies. Winninger was both a talented comic actor and gifted dancer, making him an ideal player in musicals and revues. His resume inlcudes (1910), (1916 and 1918), the (1919), and the . Winninger is best known for originating the role of Captain Andy in , a role which he reprised for the 1932 revival and the 1936 film version. Ironically, his came on a Mississippi showboat, however the roll of the river made him sick. He was married for several years to musical comedy star Blanche Ring. Winninger died on January 19, 1969, in Palm Springs, California. [Source: ]