1889 – Verle E. Sells Born

On this date Verle E. Sells was born in Eagle River. Sells grew up in Florence where her father, Max Sells, practiced law. Sells graduated from Marquette University Law School on Feb. 7, 1936, with high honors and was admitted to the bar on Feb. 14, 1936. She practiced law in Florence with her brother Arthur, who later moved to Milwaukee and then Florida. Sells was Wisconsin’s first female circuit court judge, appointed to the Florence County bench by Gov. on March 5, 1936. She was elected without opposition for the balance of the term a month later and was reelected without opposition for a six-year term in April 1937. She was a member of a select committee appointed by Gov. LaFollette to study social welfare programs in Wisconsin. Verle Sells also served on the Florence School Board and as director of a local bank. Judge Sells died in office on April 23, 1940. [Source: ]