1891 – Joseph A. Padway Born

On this date Joseph A. Padway, an important figure in the , was born in England. He immigrated to the United States in 1905 and relocated to Milwaukee the following year. Padway established himself as one of the nation’s premier labor lawyers. In 1915 he was appointed general counsel for the Wisconsin State Federation of Labor and was legal counsel for all American Federation of Labor (AFL) affiliates in Wisconsin. In the early 1930s Samuel Gompers appointed him general counsel for the American Federation of Labor, a post which he retained until his death in 1947. He was involved with several high profile labor disputes including the and strikes of 1934. Padway was also active in state politics. He served in the state legislature in 1925. On October 9, 1947, while addressing the AFL convention in San Francisco, Padway suffered a stroke and died. [Source: ]