1894 – Adam Bartosz Born

On this date Adam Bartosz was born in Gora Robczycka, Galicja (Austrian Poland). Bartosz arrived in the United States in 1913 and settled in the Baltimore area. Although he earned a law degree in 1931, Bartosz’s primary career interest was journalism. In 1916 he became editor of the Polish-language journal (Progress). From 1921 to 1937 he edited the (Unity-Polonia). In October 1937 Bartosz joined the editorial board of the Stevens Point Polish language publications (Polar Star) and (Farmer). He became editor-in-chief in 1954. He used his paper to acquaint immigrants with American laws, history and customs; to assist immigrants learning English; and to advocate immigrant participation in civic and cultural organizations. Bartosz was active in several Polish cultural and fraternal groups himself, such as the Polish National Alliance. He retired from the in 1973. [Source: ]