1915 – Actor and Filmmaker Orson Welles Born

On this date was born in Kenosha. The name George was soon dropped. The family moved to Chicago in 1919, and two years later, Welles’ parents separated. After his mother’s death in 1924, he travelled the world with his father, only to lose him in 1928. Welles turned down the chance at college in 1931, choosing instead to go on a sketching trip to Ireland. In 1934, Welles made his New York debut, playing Tybalt in Katherine Cornell’s staging of . In the mid 1930s, he established himself as a radio actor on and , among other shows. He began working with John Houseman and together they formed the Mercury Theatre in 1937. Their program, , became famous for the notorious events surrounding their version of in 1938, in which they provoked mass panic among listeners. A renowned actor, writer, producer, and director, Welles is known best for his roles in such films as (1941), (1944), (1948), (1956), (1966), and (1970). Welles was awarded an Honorary Oscar in 1971 and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in 1975. Despite his lack of commercial success, the Directors Guild of America awarded him their highest award, the D.W. Griffith Award, in 1984. Welles was briefly married to Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth from 1943 to 1948, with whom he had one daughter. Orson Welles died on October 9, 1985. [Source: ].