1915 – Ball park organist and Muzak executive Jane Jarvis born.

Jarvis was the organist for the Milwaukee Braves baseball team during their heyday. She was also an executive with the Muzak Corporation, starting as a receptionist and rising to become a company executive responsible for programming. Jarvis engaged fellow jazz musicians to create soothing background tunes for sale to retail stores and offices. She retired from Muzak in 1978. She was born in Vincennes, Indiana, and was a classically trained musician. In 1954, while hosting a music program on WTMJ in Milwaukee (“Jivin’ With Jarvis”) and playing local nightspots, she was approached by the new Milwaukee Braves’ management to be the ballpark organist. She held the post for the next 8 years before moving to New York City where she played the organ at Shea Stadium for the New York Mets 1964-1979. Jarvis died January 25, 2010, at the age of 94.