1917 – First Lady Dorothy Knowles

On this date the wife of Wisconsin governor Warren P. Knowles was born. The couple met in Texas during WWII, while the governor served in the Navy. Dorothy Knowles had studied business and interior design in college. Knowles was not a typical first lady, campaigning for liberal causes such as birth control. Throughout the governor’s term (1965-1971), she also redecorated the mansion. The couple divorced in the summer of 1968 after the governor announced his candidacy for a third term (which he won). Knowles later married Francis Trecker and, after his death, O.R. Braun. Throughout her life, she remained fiercely independent, intellegent, attractive, and sophisticated, recognized for her dressing and decorating style – – a Wisconsin first lady in the tradition of Jacqueline Kennedy. [Source: by Nancy G. Williams p 216-220.]