1919 – Agnes Potter Scofield Dies

On this date Agnes Potter Scofield, wife of , died in Green Bay. She was born on January 14, 1850, in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. Agnes Potter moved to Oconto to live with an older sister in 1868. She married Edward Scofield in November 1869, in Oconto. Agnes Scofield served as Wisconsin’s first lady from 1897 to 1901. During the , Agnes Scofield participated in Red Cross efforts to sew and knit garnments for soldiers. She was known as a modest and unassuming woman, devoted to her family and friends. She died in 1919 of a ruptured gall bladder. Agnes Potter Scofield is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, in Oconto. [Source: by Nancy G. Williams, p.114]