1925 – Wisconsin Activist Lloyd Barbee Born

On this date was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Barbee first came to the University of Wisconsin in 1949 to attend law school on a scholarship, but dropped out after his first year, due to racism he encountered from both professors and students. Barbee later returned to school and earned a law certificate in 1955 and an LL.B. in 1956 from the University of Wisconsin Law School. Barbee began private law practice in Madison, Wisconsin. While working with the Commission on Human Rights, Barbee began his campaign for fair housing legislation, which included the memorable 13 day sit-in on the ground floor of the Capitol in support of fair housing legislation in 1961. It was in Milwaukee while working at his own law firm that Barbee became . As the assembly person for the 18th District in the Wisconsin State Assembly, Barbee often supported legislation that protected and represented blacks, women, gays and other minority groups. Barbee was also founder and long-time chairman of MUSIC, organized specifically to combat discrimination in the Milwaukee public schools. [Source: ]