1936 – John William Heisman Dies

On this date John William Heisman died in New York City but was buried Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 23, 1869. He coached football for 36 years, most memorably at Auburn (1895-1899), Georgia Tech (1904-1919), and Rice (1924-1927). While at Georgia Tech, Heisman produced undefeated teams from 1915 to 1917 and coached a squad that was victorious in the record setting 222-0 match with Cumberland in 1916. An innovator within the sport, he invented plays and advocated the legalization of the forward pass. Throughout his coaching career, Heisman coached at 9 colleges from 1892-1927; won 185 games; and served as Director of Athletics at Downtown Athletic Club in New York City (1928-36). The Heisman Trophy, presented annually since 1935 by that club to the most outstanding college football player in the nation, is named in his memory. [Source: ]