1938 – Anna Carrier McSpaden Blaine Dies

On this date Anna Carrier McSpaden Blaine, wife of Governor John J. Blaine, died in Boscobel. She was born on August 18, 1875, in Boscobel.¬† She attended UW-Madison from 1895-1896, and Platteville Normal School, and¬†later she taught elementary school in La Crosse, West Bend, and Boscobel. She met her future husband while he was mayor of Boscobel. She married John J. Blaine on August 23, 1904 in Boscobel. Anna Blaine served as first lady of Wisconsin from 1921 to 1927. She was a devoted supporter of the Woman Suffrage movement, campaigning for the cause throughout Wisconsin with Belle Case La Follette. She also took an active role in her husband’s political career, campaigning for his re-election and various political causes. She maintained an in-depth understanding of politics and issues, and sought election to the state senate after her husband’s death in 1936. She won the Progressive party’s nomination for the 16th district but was defeated in the general election. Anna Carrier McSpaden Blaine died of pneumonia in 1938. She is buried beside her husband in Boscobel. [Source: , p.141]