1942 – Bataan Falls

On this date, after months of overly optimistic reports of success and victories by outnumbered U.S. and Filipino forces, Bataan fell. Survivors from Janesville’s Tank Company A and Headquarters Company-192nd Tank battalion were captured. 70,000 American and Filipino prisoners were marched 60 miles without food, water or rest to hellish, disease-plagued prison camps. Some 16,000 prisoners died from starvation, maltreatment and disease. The 192nd Tank Battalion was a National Guard outfit sent to defend the island of Luzon in late 1941. Many of the ninty-nine Janesville men who became prisoners of war and suffered during the infamous Bataan Death March, were affiliated with this tank company. Its story is told in a of documents and interviews created by high school students in nearby Maywood, Illinois. [Source: ]