1983 – Jerzy Bojanowski Dies

On this date long-time Wisconsin resident and orchestra conducter Jerzy Bojanowski died in Milwaukee. Bojanowski was born in Kamienskoie, Poland in 1893. He studied music at the Musical College in Warsaw (1907-12), the Music Academy of Vienna (1913-14), Vienna University (1913-14), and Kharkoff University (1915-16). At the request of the Polish government, Bojanowski came to Chicago in 1932. Bojanowski and his wife eventually settled permanently in Milwaukee. In the 1930s, Bojanowski conducted the Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra, which was part of the WPA’s Federal Music Project. In 1940 Bojanowski began directing the Music Under the Stars Symphony Orchestra and in 1953 Bojanowski formed the Milwaukee Chamber Symphony Orchestra. [Source: ]