1995 – Deadly Heat Wave Begins

From July 12-15, 1995, the Midwest was subjected to a deadly outbreak of hot and humid weather responsible for 141 deaths in Wisconsin. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, this was the "greatest single event of weather-related deaths in Wisconsin history." Most of the fatalities happened in the urban southeast counties of the state, and at one point several Milwaukee-area hospitals were unable to admit more patients.Milwaukee Temperatures (from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel):
July 12: Hi=91, Lo=65
July 13: Hi=103*, Lo=78
July 14: Hi=102, Lo=84
July 15: Hi=92, Lo=69
July 16: Hi=88, Lo=68
*Some communities reported highs as high as 108. Heat Index values were 120-130 degrees. NOAA’s Natural Disaster Survey Report on the outbreak is available at http://www.weather.gov/os/assessments/pdfs/heat95.pdf  [Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]