2016 Summer GED Boot Camp

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Gateway Technical College is pleased to announce Summer 2016 GED BOOT CAMPS for individuals who need a quick but intensive review prior to taking their GED tests.
This 48-hour, two week-long Boot Camp will include instruction and GED testing (optional) in each of the four required areas: REASONING THROUGH LANGUAGE ARTS, MATH, SOCIAL STUDIES, and SCIENCE.
To be eligible to participate in the GED BOOT CAMP, individuals must:

  • Be at least 18YR years old or have proof that the class they entered 9th grade with has graduated
  • Have proof of residing in Wisconsin for at least 10 days, or be a migrant worker, or the child of a migrant worker
  • Have a valid state ID verifying your identity and date of birth
  • Have completed the Adult Basic Education Success Skills/GED Orientation, course number 890-721

Cost to obtain your GED: $135.00, includes testing fee of $33.75 per test for 4 tests and a credential fee of $15. This amount does not have to be paid in one lump sum. Fee will be paid as you register for each GED test on your MyGED site. Students needing to retest must pay an additional $10 per retest.

It is not required, only highly suggested that you take each GED test during the GED Boot Camp (or ASAP on completion). If you feel you need additional time to study and prepare for your GED test, you may sign up to test in a later GED test session.
To earn your GED, you will need a minimum score of 145 on each test and a total combined score of 580. Students who do not pass an individual test and/or need to retest must wait 30 days before retesting.

On the first day of your Boot Camp please meet in the designated classroom listed on this schedule at 8am. You will be provided a daily schedule for the week on the first day of your Boot Camp.
The Instruction portion of the GED Boot Camp is FREE to Wisconsin residents.

For more information please call Gateway Technical College Student Services 1-800-247-7122. If you need assistance paying for the tests, they can be referred to Racine County Workforce Development Center Youth Services Team 638-7706

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