4 charged with attempted 1st degree intentional homicide in July 2nd violent attack

suspects1Jose Vital Sanchez, 28 Manuel De Jesus Cruz Lira 30,  Jesus A Ortega-Luna 23, and Rodrigo Ortega-Luna 28 have all been charged with have all been charged with attempted 1st degree intentional homicide, party to a crime and aggravated battery-intended substantial bodily harm party to a crime. They were all given a $$250,000 cash bond after appearing in Racine Circuit Court. According to Racine County Jail records, Rodrigo Ortega-Luna is on a hold from the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization

According to the criminal complaint on July 2,2016 the Major Crimes Unit with the Racine Police Department were activated to respond to the area of Hagerer and LaSalle Street. Investigators learned that there were 2 victims. The first victim suffered injuries including: lacerations to his right arm, his right forearm, left side of his back and left side of his stomach, Investigators also learned that the first victim had a “through and though” stab wound to his mid section requiring immediate emergency surgery. The second victim suffered significant injuries to his head including : swelling and discoloration to his face, lacerations around his eye and lacerations from around his left eye which was swollen shut, due to the severity of the injuries the victim was transported by Flight For Life to Frodert Hospital.

Investigators identified all four suspects as the defendants, when located at 915 Hagerer, all defendants had blood spatter on their person’s or clothing and a bloody knife was recovered laying in a driveway next to the address.

The criminal complaint states that the defendants were caught on video surveillance footage chasing the victims and then retreating back to the 915 Hagerer address. Officers found a blood trail from the middle of the 900 block of Hager to a victims address and then into the road where he collapsed. Law enforcement found 100 beer cans on the porch of 915 Hagerer and multiple bottles of hard liquor where the defendants had been. Cruz told authorities that he had begun drinking at 3 p.m. and the other defendants had joined him. He stated that the 2 victims had come down the block looking for trouble and allegedly flashed gang signs but returned later and said they were being “fake” about gang involvement. Cruz told investigators that he and the three other suspects got off the porch and assaulted the victim, but told them one victim “threw the first punch”, but admitted after the victim was down on the ground that he was hitting and kicking him. He told authorities that he did not know who stabbed the victim or whose blood was on his clothing