50 year old man charged with child enticement after being found with 14 year old girl

andre alexander Andre L Alexander, 50 of Zion Illinois has been charged with Child Enticement-Give/Sell Drugs, Expose Child to Harmful Descriptions, Contribute/Delinquency Child, Manufacture/Deliver THC (<=200g), Possess Drug Paraphernalia. He was given a $25,000 cash bond after appearing in Racine Circuit Courts Tuesday afternoon. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 9th.

According to the criminal complaint on May 27, 2016 officers with the Racine Police Department were dispatched to the 5500 block of Byrd Ave. Upon arrival officers met with two witnesses who stated that the defendant and the victim were located in a red Jeep near the dumpster. The witness stated that the victim left her facebook activated and there were several messages between the victim and defendant which were overtly sexual in nature from the defendant.

Officers located the parties in the vehicle and notice the victim had put something in the front of her shirt. The victim pulled out a large blunt and a large bag of marijuana. The victim told police that when they pulled up behind them in the squad car the defendant grabbed the items and told the defendant to hide them. The victim stated she didn’t know what to do so she did what she was told.

The complaint states that the bag of marijuana weighed 17.8 grams and $1,118 in US currency was recovered from the defendant. Officers spoke to the victims mother who handed over the cell phone to officers for evidentiary purposes so that the full extent of the text messages between the 50 year old defedant and 14 year old victim could be determind