65 year old Racine man charged with selling narcotics


Donald Conners-RCJ

Donald Conners-RCJ

Donald R Conners, 65 of Racine has been charged with four counts of Manuf/Deliver Schedule I, II Narcotics, Possess Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of THC and Maintain Drug Trafficking Place. He made his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Court Thursday afternoon and was given a $50,000 cash bond.

According to the criminal complaint, on three separate occasions the Racine County Sheriff Metro Drug Unit made controlled purchases from the defendant at his home. On January 8th the defendant allegedly sold 10 Percocet pills, on January 12 the defendant sold 15 Percocet pills, and on February 5th the defendant sold two Percocet pills and 6 Oxycontins pills.

On February 10, the Racine County Metro Drug Unit executed a warrant to his residence in the 1000 block of Washington Ave. Authorities recovered, seven marijuana cigarette remains, three pot pipes with residue, a glass mirror with a white residue, a burnt metal spoon, 20 crack pipes, razor blades with white residue and chore boy sections.

The defendant told Investigators that he had a prescription for Oxycontin and oxycodone and had been taking them for 12 years. He admitted that he takes some of the medication prescribed for him and sells the others because he needs the money. Investigators also recovered 2 empty pills bottles with the defendants name on them that were filled on February 4, 2016, one for 60 Oxycontin pills and another for 300 oxycodone aka Percocet pills that which were both empty.