A special thank you to Racine Uncovered readers


thank you clip artWe wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reads Racine Uncovered. What started out as a tiny blog and grown leaps and bounds over the years, why? BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU! With 2015 winding down we took at look at our stats today. We are averaging almost 80,000 unique readers per month and the year isn’t even done yet! Here is what we know in hard cold data. (We never thought in our dreams we would be typing in millions!) We not only have readers… we have DOERS in this community. Team Racine Uncovered steps up and help each other and the community out! Goal for next year ONE MILLION READERS!

Unique readers: 955,031
Number of visits: 4,589,145 (averages 382,429 per month)
Pages read: 19,929,452 (averages 1,669,788 per month)
Hits:105,780,253 (averages 8,815,021 per month)