A two year-old Racine boy = Inspiration


inspire We spoke with a Racine mom this morning when they messaged us asking where they give warm coats to those in need.

S.S. (she asked that her name not be made public) ” I was wondering what is the best way to get winter coat, gloves and hats to those in need”. We gave her some suggestions on how to get them directly to those individuals.

S.S. replied “Thank you!!! I just hate throwing coats in bins. Id rather give them to a person! I dont have much to give but hoping I can make some kind of a difference”

After speaking a bit more about some things she added “I asked my almost 2 year old this morning what he was thankful for. He told me his brother, and I said what else? He he said my coat. Long story short…he really understood what he was saying, it made sense and triggered mommy’s heart”.

We are sharing this because that little 2 year old boy inspired his family and we hope he may inspire a few people by sharing this.