A young woman from Racine shows dedication & compassion worldwide


americorps Amber Rodriguez, 23 from Racine is quite an amazing young woman! She studied at the University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse, Bachelors of Science- Business Management. She has shown the great in the young people of Racine, helping others worldwide. Whether she was in Kenya, volunteering with Kenya Make a Difference, Habitat for Humanity, or FEMA Corps, the dedication and compassion of this young woman has been a great example of the young people from Racine.

We had the opportunity to talk to her about FEMA CORPS.

What is FEMA Corps?

FEMA Corps is a partnership between AmeriCorps NCCC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is a full-time team residential service program for individuals ages 18-24. In the program you would live, eat and travel with a team of 8-12 members for 10 months to focus on disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery activities. You would provide support in areas ranging from working directly with disaster survivors to supporting disaster recovery centers.

How did you hear about FEMA Corps?

I heard about it when I was working with the American Red Cross. My supervisor knew I wanted to get into emergency management, and with being an AmeriCorps alumni, she knew I would love the program. So I looked into, and when I saw FEMA Corps on House of Cards I was sold.

Why did you want to join?

I always knew I wanted to help people, but I thought the only way I could make a career out of it was to work in health care. When I came across emergency management I knew I found my passion. I love that I can help people in their greatest time of need, but I can also help them prepare and prevent any damages that could occur.She stated that FEMA CORPS is a team based residential program for 18-24 year olds. It is a great program for people who do not know what they want to do after high school or college and it is a great way to get experience. During the program all your living expenses are paid, including food and housing. You also get a bi-weekly stipend. If you finish the program you can also get an education stipend to go toward student loans or classes you want to take.

What do you like most about FEMA Corps so far?

I really enjoy the traveling aspect of the program. I have gone places I never thought I would. I also like that I get to make an impact on the communities we go to. Most importantly, I love the fact that my team members have become my family.

What do you plan to do after serving with FEMA Corps?

I plan on getting a job in emergency management. Whether it be with FEMA, American Red Cross, or a state or local level agency.

To learn more or to apply, visit: NATIONAL SERVICE.GOV





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