Adopt Zack! He loves kids!

LOVES KIDS** Xander (we are calling him Zack) is a 4 month old heeler mix. I haven’t heard him bark yet: and he’s a great little submissive guy. He will run around at top speed then drop on his back in front of you looking for a belly rub. Great with kids, doesn’t seem to mind other dogs but not cat tested yet. He does not like sleeping in a crate at night, but is spending half the day home alone in a crate today so we will see how that goes! He’s a chewer, so make sure to have plenty of bones available! Once you tell him “no” to chewing something though, he doesn’t go back to chewing it – so he learns pretty quickly. He loves to be held and snuggled…most of all by my 10 year old. He even lets her dress him up! He arrived 7/9/17, so we will be able to tell you more as he settles in. His adoption fee of $350+tax includes neuter, rabies/distemper/bordetella vaccines, dewormer, microchip, and health certificate. You can apply to adopt him at

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at, Call/Text us at 262-260-9715, or message them on their Facebook page!