Brewer Contracting to give back to the community in big ways!

brewer contracting B Brewer Contracting located at 3420 Washington in Racine really wants to give back to the community!

“We are having an annual REMODELING GIVEAWAY to (1) family each year in need. We are giving back to the community, for all that the community has done for us. We want to give a helping hand to those families that may be a little down on their luck or may have special needs that prevent them from certain things containing in or out of their home.”

Are you that family that could use an update to your home, to make life a little easier? Share with us your story of how our REMODEL GIVEWAY will help your family.

BREWER CONTRACTING would like to thank all of the volunteers, distributors, and support we have to make this possible.” stated Nick Kolbo

Nick states “They leave a story of how they would benefit from a remodel giveaway in our inbox on the page and for the food clothing etc they can leave a message on the page or inbox”

You can visit their facebook page Brewer Contracting

You can also visit them at their giveaway page at Brewer Contracting Remodel Giveaway

“They will also be donating food, clothing, etc weekly to help working families in need. If you are a working family in need of some assistance and seeking help, Brewer Contracting is here to give you the help you deserve. Contact them and let them”, according to Nick Kolbo.