Caledonia Police need help locating owner of dog that was hit by car


INCIDENT #15-23404

On Thursday 12/24/15 at 5:18 PM, this dog was struck by a vehicle in the 4800 block of STH 38 near the dog run. The driver stayed on scene however, the dog fled from the scene and was later located walking down the road an hour after the accident. There were no collar or tags on the dog. He is a male German Shepherd between 1 and 2 years old, weighing in at 68 lbs. He was transported to WVRC at 4333 Old Green Bay Rd in Mt. Pleasant. The clinic is trying to get a hold of the owner’s so they can approve treatment for the pup. He is currently in stable condition. We tried to get the dog to stand still for a picture but he would not so this is best we can do for now. WVRC’s phone number is (262) 553-9223

CPD dog