Chance fighting for his life after being found on the street suffering from Parvo


chanceFrom Woof Gang Rescue-“The other day a shelter had contacted Woof Gang Rescue about a Pomeranian, 6-9 month old male puppy.

He found roaming the streets in a very bad neighborhood. After evaluation and tests, he turned up positive for Parvo. Our thought is the person who he lived with knew he was sick and let him out of the house, as a dumping method. This poor boy now had to fend for himself along with a disease now trying to kill him from within. Luckily someone came to his aid. Especially now that our nights have gotten bitter cold. Although unfortunately his fight has just begun. As most of you know, even with proper medical treatment, and being very young, it is hard for a puppy to fight Parvo and survive. It is extremely expensive to treat.

This is where Woof Gang has stepped in. The shelter had asked us if we could take him under our wing and get him the help he needs. Our doctor said he is around day 4 of parvo. He isn’t looking good. However, if anyone can save a dog, it is our fabulous vet we work closely with.

His life has literally just begun, and it’s now at high risk of being over, in just a blink of an eye. Would you be willing to open your heart and donate to his care?

Please help Chance, get his second Chance.

After all, everyone deserves one at some point in their lives.”

To learn more and donate to help with Chance’s medical care please visit Chances fighting Chance