Commentary from Remington and his family


remingtonWanted to share a message we received on Racine Uncovered Facebook. Everyone could use a little smile.

Linda and Remington wrote to us today and sent this message “Remington wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we wanted to thank you for running the article on Remington, he is the sweetest boy and has enriched our lives tremendously. We have him on meds and he is doing really well, he still has his issues but we couldn’t love him more. Thank you again Racine Uncovered, your doing a great job get news out, without you we could never have saved our sweet boy!! P.S. he loves all his siblings!!”

“His original prognosis wasn’t good, they didn’t think he had much time, but with tons of love, his other four adopted siblings, and a great vet working with us with new drugs to help, he is moving around and very happy!! Yes he is the one!!!”