Commentary from Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters regarding Oak Creek Power Plant

This was submitted to us by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters concerning tonight’s meeting regarding the Oak Creek Power Plant and health issues from families living in the surrounding area.

wisconsin league of conservation votersCALEDONIA, WI — This evening, residents of Caledonia who live near the Oak Creek power plant met in a town hall setting to share their personal stories and strategize solutions as families experience the continued negative effects of dirty air on their health. Over 40 area citizens attended the town hall, including more than a dozen families directly impacted by carbon pollution.

Bill Pringle, a concerned father and resident of Caledonia who attended the event, said, “My family, and countless others in my neighborhood, have had serious health concerns recently. It simply cannot be a coincidence that we are all having respiratory issues. The only logical cause of this has to be that we are breathing extremely polluted air.”

Some families have even had to hospitalize their sick children because of respiratory problems possibly stemming from their proximity to the power plant.

“No father should have to look his three year old son in the eye and hear the words, ‘Dad, am I going to die?’ I had to hear those words when my child was lying in a hospital bed with pneumonia. It is long past time that our leaders step up and take a stand to combat these problems so that more families don’t have to have the conversation I had with my son,” added Pringle.

In addition to sharing their personal stories, attendees strategized solutions to this problem. The group turned to the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan as a possible solution to curb currently unlimited carbon pollution – and urged Senator Ron Johnson and Governor Scott Walker to support the Clean Power Plan.

Jonah Hermann, Communications Director for Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, said, “Caledonia residents at tonight’s town hall have made it clear that the Clean Power Plan would serve as a tremendous first step to curbing their families’ health problems. In fact, the plan would result in 90,000 fewer asthma attacks, 3,600 fewer premature deaths, and prevent 300,000 missed school and work days for Americans across the country.”

“Unfortunately, Senator Ron Johnson and Governor Scott Walker have historically opposed any policy to curb climate change,” Hermann continued. “Tonight, these families made it clear that the effects of carbon pollution are a real problem, and it’s time that Senator Johnson and Governor Walker hear them out. While the health of Wisconsinites are at risk, Senator Johnson remains silent and Governor Walker actively opposes the Clean Power Plan. Johnson and

Walker are out of step with their constituents, and yet again loyal to their corporate polluting friends.”
Attendees plan on writing letters to the Senator and Governor to urge them to support the Clean Power Plan. Additionally, at the event, families penned letters to the editor and will submit them to area papers to help spread the word about the serious health problems that they and their children are experiencing. Over the coming weeks, more strategy sessions and round tables will be organized across the state to share stories and devise solutions to curb the devastating impact that unlimited carbon pollution is taking on Wisconsin families.
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