Contractor charged after taking $27,000 for work which was never done

handcuffsTyler Helm, 35 of West Allis has been charged with Theft by Contractor >$10,000 and appeared at a hearing today in Racine Circuit Court. A warrant was issued for his arrested in November of 2014, and court records show he was taken into custody on July 14,2015. He was given a $10,000 signature bond during his appearance today. His Initial appearance will now be on August 12, 2015

According to the criminal complaint, the victim came to the Racine Police Department on October 3, 2014 to speak with officers regarding the defendant (Integrity Roofing and Remodeling) who was hired by signed contracts to do some home improvements and failed to do most of the work. According to the victim they signed contracts on 2/1/14 and paid $20,000 for the defendant and his business to put an extension on the back of his home. The defendant tore apart parts of the back of the victims home but never completed the work, in addition to none of the contractors which he had supposedly hired show up.

According to text messages and phone calls the defendant gave excuse after excuse to the victim why the work hadn’t been done. The defendant met with the victim on 6/22 and informed the victim he had purchased all the materials that were needed and also paid the contractors but needed another $7,000 to complete the job.

The victim agreed and they signed new contracts with specific dates when the work would be started and finished. According to the complaint both checks ($20,000 and $7,000) were both cashed immediately and no additional work to this date has been done on the victims home.

The victim hired an attorney who had sent letters and got no response and advised the victim to contact police and filed a report. A warrant was issued for the defendants arrest in October of 2014.