Couple accused of stealing over $83,000 from employer

courtDavid Mutter and Nancy Mutter of Union Grove have each been charged with Theft-Business Setting >$10,000 and they were both given a $5,000 signature bond after making their initial appearances in Racine Circuit Court Thursday afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint in May of 2015 Burlington Police took a report from a business owner regarding a theft from his business in Burlington. The victim states that the defendant who were employees at the time took money from the business without his consent. In October 2013 both defendants were hired to work as book keepers/accountants by the victim and worked from their home. The victim began getting calls from the bank for suspicious checks. Upon learning of these transactions he wanted to review the financial records from the defendants which they allegedly refused to provide. He told police that with the unauthorized pay raises the defendants were making more than the victim was. When the victim rented a trailer for the defendants to work out of so he could monitor the finances they gave their notice and left their positions.

When the defendants were interviewed the female defendant stated that nothing was in writing but she had given herself a raise and when asked if they were to be reimbursed for expenses she allegedly stated “Let me put it this way, there was no agreement he wouldn’t pick up some of the expenses”. When the male defendant was interviewed by authorities he stated he was to get a pay increase in May of 2014 but when asked by police about receiving more money in December 2013 he seemed surprised. He was asked about the life insurance policies that were taken out and that he had a $50,000 and the business owner had a million dollar policy which the defendants too out in case anything happened so the business could keep running, the complaint reads.

According to the criminal complaint financial records show that a loss of $83,688.73 for unauthorized reimbursements, fuel, computer equipment that wasn’t returned to the business, overpayment in salaries to the defendants, misc. personal items, and other various charges.