Emaciated & wounded dog found by the Racine Police ready for her furever home!

carisOn July 11, an emaciated dog with multiple wounds was picked up by the Racine Police Department near State and LaSalle Streets in Racine. The poor girl was in truly horrible condition when she arrived at the Wisconsin Humane Society Racine Campus. A month later, she’s now looking for a brand new start in a loving home.

Her scars and injuries painted a scary picture of her past. The Wisconsin Humane Society veterinary staff found multiple puncture wounds (both old and new), a fractured toe, an old shoulder injury that had gone untreated, and broken teeth. Caris was skinny and hungry and her ribs poked through her coat. She was immediately given pain medication, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics.

Over the next few weeks, Caris received round-the-clock care to treat her injuries. She was put on a diet to steadily bring her up to a healthy weight, and her fractured teeth were removed. Throughout the whole ordeal, Caris was the biggest lovebug – eager for the attention, grateful for every chin scratch. It’s amazing when a dog who has been treated so badly looks into your eyes with only trust. She ached for love and it was our honor to return it tenfold.

It’s been a month now, and Caris went from 48 lbs to 61 lbs. She feels a million times better and now she’s looking for a loving home. She deserves the very best after all she’s been through. Her profile is here and there are more pics attached. http://www.wihumane.org/adopt/animal?id=32140809