Family thanks Walmart employee for finding grandson’s diabetes bag

bagDawn asked us to post this thank you to the wonderful woman at Walmart today
“My daughter was at Walmart with 3 of her 4 children, and the older child, my grandson, has type 1 diabetes, and had his supply bag on his back thru the store, and my daughter was unaware he had taken it off, and placed it in the cart, she left Walmart and got home and noticed it was nowhere to be found, she then called Walmart and asked they had it, the cart retrieve lady had found it, but my daughter and myself would like to put out a big heartfelt “Thank You to that person whomever they are, this bag is my grandsons life, he’s 8 years old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes July 2015, and also recently diagnosed with high functioning autism, so many don’t realize that children can also have diabetes, we are blessed that lady turned the bag in!”