Former substitute teacher charged with sex crimes, 3 students involved


Justin Beaton-RCJ

Justin Beaton-RCJ

Justin D Beaton, 28 of Racine has been charged with two counts of Child Enticement-Sexual Contact, two counts of Sexual Assault of a Child by School Staff Person -Felony, Exposing a Child to Harmful Material Felony. He was given a $5,000 cash bond (and $50,000 signature bond)after making his initial appearance in court Tuesday afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint on February 10, 2016, Mount Pleasant Police were assigned to investigate an allegation of the defendant who at the time was a substitute teacher sending a graphic picture of his body part to a Case High School student. During the course of the investigation the student stated that the defendant had sent it to her over Christmas break on “snap chat”. The defendant acknowledge to police that indeed he had sent it

Law enforcement reviewed text messages between the defendant and a Horlick High School student and determined they were sexual in nature. The Horlick student stated to police that agreed to meet up. The defendant picked up the Horlick student on January 16,2016 and after driving around the parked at the Quarry Park in Racine. While parked the defendant began kissing her and they “made out” and then moved to the backseat where the defendant began touching her, the criminal complaint reads.

According to the criminal complaint officers reviewed text messages of a 3rd student (who attended Horlick HS), who had met the defendant while he was subsituting there. Officers noted the text messages were sexual in nature and the defendant spoke about the students breasts. The student stated that they agreed to meet on February 7, 2016 at Humble Park. The student stated that she got into the defendants vehicle and they ended up in Kenosha. She stated that once they parked, they talked, kissed and the defendant touched her chest area. The victims range in age from 14 to 17