Four Seasons Lawncare & Landscaping is giving the chance to one lucky first responder to win up to $25,000

four seasons logo Brett from Four Seasons Lawncare would like us to let everyone know, they want to show their appreciation from their staff at Four Seasons Lawncare and Landscaping to our local police and fire fighters. They are doing a thank you contest on Monday and Tuesday from 12pm-4pm.

“We have approx 500 lottery tickets in which each ticket is a winner, however you need to scratch the correct combination. We will pay out $25,000 to 1 winner if the correct combination is achieved. Stop by our location at 1535 Layard ave and show proof that you are current or retired police/fire personnel and get your chance to win.” There is no cost

If for some reason you cant make it, send us a message on facebook and we will mail them while supplies last.
We are also adding police and fire discounts to go hand in hand with our military discount program.

We spoke with Brett personally this afternoon, he explained this is their way of saying thank you to those that have protected us and continue to do so. There are no strings attached at all and absolutely no “sales gimmicks”.

To visit them on facebook please click here Four Seasons Lawncare and Landscaping