Help make Adeline’s birthday special! Send a birthday card!

Many in the Racine Community know Daxton, late last year Daxton was diagnosed with leukemia. He is a fighter and never quits.
From Daxton Fights facebook page-On August 13, 2012, a best friend was born to Daxton. Her whole life has revolved around her brother. She is so in love with her brother. When he was diagnosed in March, she was so lost. She didn’t have her best friend to play with every day. He hardly talked with her. After the induction phase, he began to feel better and they have their normal brother sister, best friend relationship back, once again. During the first two months Daxton received very welcome and amazing gifts from friends, family, and even people who we don’t even know. April 14 we welcomed her baby sister. Now her brother and sister were getting all of the attention. Not that middle children have enough natural problems, she had to be forced to handle her best friend’s cancer diagnosis at the raw age of 3. With cards and gifts and attention given to her siblings, not many people thought of our sweet Adeline Ruby (some people did, and we are so grateful!)

We have mapped out Daxton’s next phase as much as we can. His nurse and I have come to the conclusion that one of the weeks he may have low counts (likelyhood of fever and high risk of infection) is Adeline’s birthday. This next month is going to be rough. I have a birthday party planned for Adeline, but we need to keep into consideration that all of us need to stay healthy while in this phase, so canceling the party at a moment’s notice needs to be a possibility.

I haven’t asked for much in the past 4 months. I’m asking for a little help. I want Adeline to have a chance to celebrate her 4th birthday and not have the whole month focused on her brother’s diagnosis. Adeline LOVES mail. If anyone has a chance, would you send our sweet girl a birthday card? Please, no gifts. We are blessed, and while as grateful as we would be, we like to stay humble. I want to make her birthday memorable. If you are able, please send a birthday card to her.
Adeline LaRue
1918 Quincy Ave
Racine, WI 53403

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